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Monarch HD / MC-100 Bundle

Product Code: MHD/MC100/KI
Manufacturer: Matrox Video

Availability: In Stock
Price: $1,600.00


Monarch HD is an HDMI-interface live streamer and master copy recorder. It performs both functions simultaneously, allowing you to record master versions for post-production or storage at the same time as streaming a live event. Moreover, the two functions are independent of one another, and recording quality is therefore not affected by streaming bandwidth, and record controls are operable without disturbing streaming operations. Recorded files are available anytime during a streaming session for use as complementary streaming videos.

The MC-100 Mini Converter features two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and an HDMI output. It also has two 3G/HD/SD-SDI outputs and therefore can be used not only as a converter but also a switcher, distribution amplifier, multiplexer, and 3D processing unit. It switches between two SDI feeds glitch-free at the touch of a button, and it can combine two HD-SDI signals into a single 3G-SDI stream. The converter supports 16 channels of SDI audio and 8 channels of HDMI audio, and you can switch between the first and second sets of 4 HDMI audio pairs. An OSD setup menu is available on all outputs and is controlled by three buttons on the unit, and presets can be saved to dip switches for even quicker setup.

Monarch HD generates RTSP/RTMP compliant H.264 streams from any HDMI source using a built-in encoder and multi-tap 10-bit scaler and de-interlacer. It records the live streams as H.264 MP4 files with two channels of embedded AAC audio to an optional SD card, USB drive, or network-mapped drive. Network-mapped drives are useful if multiple users will need to access the recorded footage. Streaming bitrates can be assigned at up to 20Mbps and recording bitrates at up to 30Mbps.

You can stream to your own server or to CDNs like YouTube. Bitrates, resolution, and other operational details are selectable in a web-application called Command Center. Via an Ethernet connection from Monarch HD to a router, Command Center is accessible on a phone, tablet, or computer. Up to four Monarch HD units can be controlled from Command Center simultaneously. Stream and record start/stop can also be controlled via push buttons on the front panel. Monarch HD operates on a Linux O/S and isn't vulnerable to any automatic updates or unscheduled exchanges with 3rd party servers.